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How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35 PDF

How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35 PDF PDF Downlaod

All About How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35 PDF

224 pages of realistic methods and sound advice from a man who has dated young women for the past 25 years. You're going to know what she has to offer and what you absolutely cannot expect from her. You will end up knowing what it really takes for a fortyish man to date a twentyish woman. Steele's experiences are here for you to learn from, good ones, funny ones and horror stories. When done reading you'll avoid many of the mistakes he made as you learn the complex, delicate rituals and courtship practices insisted upon by a young woman interested in an older man.

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  • Published on: 1995-07
  • Original language: English
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  • Dimensions: .59" h x 5.40" w x 8.48" l, .64 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 224 pages

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1"The truth shall set us free"
By et
Most of the five star ratings here are a HOAX, artificially boosted by the author's groupies per his instructions to his small band of followers. Steele's books I & II are essentially inferior copies of the best seller "A Man's Guide To Women," which much more clearly explains the concepts of dating women of ALL ages. "A Man's Guide To Women" was written in 1983, four years before Don Steele made his far weaker anecdotal version. Many of the lines are so close it's just TOO obvious. eg 1) p8 AMGTW: "I make myself the catch." p69 HTDYW 1: "I'm the catch here not you..." eg 2) p48 AMGTW: If a girl ever blocks advancing the relationship by saying "No let's just be friends," say, "No, I have lots of friends. See you later." p217 HTDYW 2: Just say "I have plenty of friends." And the list of parallels go on and on and on...

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5Get it. Read it. Live it.
By S. Slatten
R. Don Steele is one of the few people writing about dating/courtship who have ANY credibility, as far as I'm concerned. He does not push "cute" pick-up lines or encourage you to insult (or "neg") women. What he teaches instead is how to be a man, not act like a boy. Boys use cute pick-up lines and "negs." Men do not. Being a man starts with dressing like a man -- not like a boy. Don't wear lesbian cargo shorts past the age of 25. Don't use gel in your hair or get blond hair streaks. Don't wear Jesus sandals or have tattoos. Instead, Steele encourages you to buy suits, have them tailored, and carry yourself like a MAN. Think Don Draper on "Mad Men." He is a man. Mystery, Ross Jeffries, and all the other tools out there with dweeby pick-up lines are BOYS, regardless of their age. Isn't Ross Jeffries almost 50 now? And still trying Speed Seduction on yoga chicks in Malibu. Sad...

Other dating books I have read encourage you to go to clubs/bars and try to meet women by acting like an a**hole. Not Steele. He tells you to take your time getting to know a woman, especially if you are significantly older than she she is. This means that you are consistently in control of your time and direction. Women love this much more than they love silly boys wearing trendy clothes. Steele shows you that older men have much more to offer young women than boys their age. No, I don't mean money (and Steele does NOT recommend flaunting money. Ever.) What older men offer young women is knowledge and experience and the opportunity to experience life at a more advanced level. Young boys in their 20's want to talk about their trucks and play with their iPhones. They want to have a quick hit with a woman and never call her again. Older men don't do this. This is what Steele teaches his readers. Steele's books tell you to open doors for a woman, suggest the restaurant, talk to her with interest, etc. He also shows you how to recognize (and pass) the inevitable tests every woman gives every man she dates.

I bought this book at the age of 35 after a n-a-s-t-y break-up and subsequent long dry spell. After reading it, I started working out on a regular basis. I updated my wardrobe and threw out all my "young guy" clothes. And then, I started meeting and dating women -- a lot of women. Most important, I started dating them on my terms, not anyone else's. Three awesome years later, I met my wife and have been with her for 9 years. The techniques I learned from Don Steele helped me every step of the way.

Forget the self-proclaimed dating "gurus." Steele's book is required reading for any single man over the age of 30.

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119% Success With Promiscous, Bisexual Smokers. Not 4 Me!
By A Customer
Only the most inept and inexperienced males will be impressed by this guy, whatever his real name is (has been confirmed that it is not R. Don Steele). This guy's biggest problems are his suffocatingly dominant personality and the fact that the younger woman he married is fat. Plenty of dudes who never read his stuff have mated with fat girls. This guy writes that the overwhelming majority of his past conquests were bisexual smokers who really got around. And the author's behavior in some online groups cast doubt on his honesty regarding exactly how many young girls he actually dated. Vol. 2 has a horrifingly igonorant chapter on AIDS that could prove deadly. Vol. 2 is an overproced continuation of Vol. 1, nothing new. Occasionally this guy mentions his training under Nathaniel Branden, Branden has gone on record completely distancing himself from "Steele" (not his real name) and these spophomoric works. The last this guy could have done is get a college student to make his stuff readable. Avoid at all costs.

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